Baby Einstein Curiosity Table Activity Station Table Toddler Toy with Lights and Melodies, Ages 12 Months and Up

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  • Multiple activities spark baby's creativity
  • Removable legs for different modes of play
  • Multiple kids can play at once
  • Includes 65 melodies and sounds
  • Gears, color circuits, lights more

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on October 13, 2022
I wish there was more learning features but other than that it's a super cute toy.
Reviewed on August 28, 2022
It’s a really awesome table and everything is well made. I just can’t seem to understand why the legs don’t snap in place better. The table kinda just sits on the legs. For my 1 year old it’s great so long as my 4 year old doesn’t move it around at all as the top comes off the legs super easy. Otherwise, if they could at least make this click in place it would get a 10/10.
Reviewed on July 16, 2019
I had a lot of issues with the initial shipping of the item. I first contacted the manufacturer who was not able to help and told me to return to amazon. So I did and the return process was flawless, my major concern was they ship it in the product box which doesn’t help protect the toy as much as I like (resulting in it being broken the first time around). The second time it came scuffed but I just decided to keep it as it still functioned properly. Major design issue I have is that since it’s designed as both a sit and stand toy, the way they designed the legs they don’t stay in properly all the time. So if my son tilts it sometimes they fall off and I have to fix it. Maybe it’s just mine? But even moving it around I have issues. Secondly, I would have loved for them to include some storage or maybe string the pen to the table. It’s designed for 12mo up and not many babies are able to use a writing tool at that age and I’m pretty sure I’ve already lost mine since my son thought it was a ball and threw it. Oh well. It will turn up somewhere. I think they designed the legs as storage for the cogs and yes it does work but what child sees colorful toys and doesn’t want to pull them off? I do like the toy and I think it offers a lot of bang for your buck. There are small things like the “bolts” on the side that your child can tighten/loosen. I was a little scared after reading another review about little fingers and moving cogs, but have had zero issues. It does grow with your child because while they will simply play with it as they are younger, when they get older they will be able to understand the toy a little more and experiment... for instance how do I structure the cogs to get them all moving etc. The color blending tool is really neat and the lightbulb is such a cute way to show the different colors. The music doesn’t get on your nerves which is a huge plus for all parents and they even have a sound mixer type item that allows them to play with the volume/pitch of it while it’s playing. Overall I think it’s worth the money, despite the few flaws. My child loves it and that’s all I could hope for!
Reviewed on November 19, 2022
Great toy! Kept the 2 year olds entertained but the drawing deal broke within one day of playing. But other wise they love it.
Reviewed on August 14, 2022
Has plenty to play with and 2 sides, so 2 kids can play at the same time. Both my niece and nephew (1 and 3) really enjoyed playing with it and it definitely is responsive and durable for both of them.
Reviewed on March 26, 2022
My daughter has had a couple different brands of activity tables and none of then can even compare to this one. She absolute loves it and so do I. One thing I noticed immediately is all of the buttons and switches were super easy for her to press and interact with, which has been a problem on other toys she's had. She loved the magnetic drawing board, and I love that it's getting her to practice those very important hand eye coordination we use to write, at a early age. I thought the color mixing concept might be a little too advanced for her right now but to my surprise she picked it up immediately! She also loves the slider that makes the music play super sped up or either slowed down. Overall this activity table is amazing, it's super engaging and really gets young minds thinking.. which is exactly what we want from a toy. I'm so happy I bought this for my daughter
Reviewed on August 19, 2022
Bought for a one year old and this table keeps the child engaged for a long time with all the different things to do on it. Great learning table
Reviewed on January 29, 2021
I bought this for my baby, who had just learned to pull up and stand holding on to things. Unfortunately his favorite "thing" was the raised dog bowls because they are just the right height, so I decided it was time for a toy he could stand and play with so the dog could actually access her food and water again. :) It was a hit immediately, and now two months later is still one of his favorite toys that he spends a lot of time with daily. He loves the lights and sounds, and all the different things he can play with working his way all around it. I will say, I decided to take off the loose gears and put them away until he's a little older, because he doesn't yet understand how they work and would just pull them off and throw them everywhere. I think they will be great though when he's a little older. Same with the dry erase board, way too young now but I love that we have options to keep using this as he grows. Also, I wish the magnet for the doodle part was attached somehow, because that also gets thrown and sometimes it's lost for a few days, which means no doodling until it's found. Another thing I will say, although not a huge problem for us personally, is that as other reviewers have noted it is very light so doesn't stay in one spot because he can easily push it around. We don't really mind that, and he actually enjoys doing it sometimes just for fun, almost like a walking push-toy. But just something to note if you're looking for something heavier that will stay in one spot.